$27.00 USD

5-Step Diet Makeover

A step by step guide to achieving fat loss, without losing your mind with fad diets!!

What you'll learn:

  • One thing that 99% of people do wrong when trying to lose weight, why it doesn't work, and a better solution.
  • A secret weapon for fat loss that no one is talking about. 
  • A simple, yet essential, technique will ensure you maintain your results
  • How my Super Six and Sabotaging Seven help you to outsmart BS marketing.
  • Curious how Ozempic works, this is the lesson for you.   Maximize your health and set your body up to lose fat instead of storing it, without expensive drugs or side effects. 

What People Are Saying:

I can’t say enough good about this program - I love it!  Kim helped make sense out of all the nonsense about nutrition out there

Marialice S.

Before doing this program I would tell myself for years that I would start eating healthy tomorrow. I thought I knew how to get started but looking back I realize I would make it so complicated that I wouldn’t stick to a healthy meal plan. Kim gives you the tools and knowledge that makes eating a nutritious diet simple and so easy

Teresa O.

This course taught me what to eat and what to avoid, how to read the nutrition labels, how to make super healthy meals that taste great, how to substitute healthy foods for the unhealthy ones I craved, how to fix my gut, and so much more.  

Heather S.

Kim takes her passion for the science behind our bodies & metabolisms and distills it to easy-to-understand, fun-to-watch videos.

Rachel R.